Monday, March 12, 2018

How to Remove Your Phone Number From TrueCaller

Truecaller is a popular calling app, It shows you contact details of unknown number by calling you. Its grabbing your contact details from all its user phone address book. If you are using Truecaller or not, it doesn't matter, your name and number details might be in truecaller database. It can also list of your home address and it could be breached in your privacy.

So how can we remove your number from Truecaller database. If you are a Truecaller user and have verified your number you must first Deactivate your account by going to the Settings menu in the app.

Steps to Deactivate your TrueCaller account

For Android

Open the app > tap the people icon in the upper left corner > Settings > About > Deactivate account.

For iPhone

Open the app > tap the gear icon in the top right corner > About Truecaller > Scroll down > Deactivate Truecaller.

For Windows Mobile

Open the app and tap the three dots in the bottom right corner > Settings > Help > Deactivate account.

Once you have deactivated your Truecaller account, you can process to removing your number from the TrueCaller service.

How to Unlist Your Phone Number From TrueCaller?

Go to this link to Unlist your Phone number

If you don't want your number to be searchable in the Truecaller app, then enter your phone number below including the country code and click on 'Unlist'. (i.e. +917873123456).

Please note that it can take up to 24 hours before the number gets removed.

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