Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Trick To Crash Someone’s Whatsapp By Sending Lots Of Smileys

Helo Friends. Today I Am Writing An Article On Whatsapp That How To Crash Someone's Whatsapp By Sending Lots Of Smileys. Recently A Liability Has Been Discovered In The Wildly Popular Messaging App Whatsapp, Which Allows Anyone To Remotely Crash Whatsapp Just By Sending A Specially Crafted Message & Also Anyone Can Do Thos By Following Up The Complete Guide Discussed Below.
The Method Is Not So Hard , You Just Need To Send The Multiple Copies Of Smileys To Crash Someone’s Whatsapp. As In Whatsapp You Are Only Allowed To Send Around 6,500-6,600 Characters And If You Try To Send As A Smileys Then The App Wouldn’t Handle That And Will Get Crashed. So Lets Start

1.  First Of All You Need To Send The The Smiley Must Be Repeated Around 4000 Times And For That You Can Copy And Paste And Thats Easy In Whatsapp Web.

2.  Now Just Do The Simple Trick .. After Copy And Paste The Same Smiles Repeatedly For 4000 Time Just Send All The Smiles To The Victim Whose Whatsapp You Want To Crash.
3.  After Sending The Message You Just Need To Delete That Message From Your Phone Because It Slow Down Your Phone Too So Just Delete And Sit Back.
After That Your Victim Will Getting Crashed Pup Up On His/Her Display That Whatsapp Not Responding Like This.

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